Our trip to Reno


My family and friends have been telling me for a while that I should write a book about the weird things that happen to me.  I’m not sure if it’s that more weird things happen to me, or if I just talk about them more….but there’s always a story to …

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Ultimate Crockpot Beef Stew

Ultimate Beef Stew

After last week’s post about the Signing Gloves (that’s gotten over 20,000 hits and climbing!), talking about stew feels a bit…anti-climactic.  But don’t judge this stew until you’ve tried it, because there’s nothing boring about it! So I’m in the middle of making Debi’s “The ULTIMATE Crockpot Beef Stew” from …

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Potato Hash and Red Pepper Meat Sauce


A two-for-one special!  I’ve recently made Becky’s “Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion and Potato Hash” from “The Two Bite Club” and Emily’s “4-Ingredient Roasted Red Pepper Meat Sauce” from “Layers of Happiness”.  Both were fantastically easy and quick! Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion and Potato Hash: Reactions: This was one of the easiest things …

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Easy Seafood Paella


Today’s challenge was to make Suzy’s “Easy Seafood Paella” from her blog, The Mediterranean Dish (http://www.themediterraneandish.com/easy-seafood-paella-recipe/) Reactions: This was my first paella, and it went really well!  The rice cooked nicely (thankfully!)  I ended up having to make a couple changes to the recipe (because I’m cheap, ha!) and it …

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I’m Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness

So I woke up the other day in a grumpy mood.  I don’t know why…maybe it was the weather.  And I’ve been go-go-go for the last couple weeks and am just…tired.  Everything I’ve been doing has been good (visits from family, dinner with friends, awesome life group…) but it feels …

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Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken and Asparagus


I just challenged myself and tried Karen’s recipe “Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Asparagus” from her blog, the Food Charlatan (http://thefoodcharlatan.com/2014/02/07/prosciutto-wrapped-chicken-and-asparagus/) Reactions: Wow!  I was honestly pretty intimidated by this one: it sounded (and looked) so fancy.  I thought it would be a lot harder than it was.  It ended up looking …

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